Matthew Brown

Director – Finance

Matthew Brown and Your Corner are regarded by many as one of the most experienced financial services businesses in Australia. Matthew’s extensive industry knowledge has helped thousands of clients make an informed decision about not only selecting the right loan, appropriate superannuation investment or wealth protection strategy whilst having regard for their personal circumstances but also optimizing their cash flow & financial position with consideration to their broader financial planning requirements. Matthew is passionate & committed to creating Success in Life for all clients.

Greg Dixon

Director – Property

In 1984, when Greg was just 19 years old, he began investing in property. Over the course of the past 30 years, he’s invested more than $250,000 in personal development, property seminars and programs with experts in their respective fields. He was the CEO of a National Hydraulic Company, and before that, managed several large business units for a corporate company. Greg says, “I have the experience and the education, yes, but what I’m truly driven by is educating, inspiring and empowering people how to change their lives through property.”

Ray Jourdan

Managing Director

Ray is a husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, advisor and adventurer. He has a background in law and business and have been starting, investing in, and advising businesses for more than 25 years. His experience spans property development, financial services, tourism & events and technology. Ray says,”I believe we are all called to live generous, fearless, extraordinary lives, however for many of us this seems more of a dream than a real possibility. We all want success, but do we know what that looks like? Do we think knowing would help? To start any great thing starts with asking the right questions. Questions that help us unpack the story that’s right in front of us – our own personal success story.”


Liz Brennan
Liz BrennanCA - Tax and Accounting Manager
Anthony Cao
Anthony CaoSenior Accountant
Jessica Johnsson
Jessica JohnssonExecutive Assistant to Matt
Roslyn Hinck
Roslyn HinckFinancial Planning CSO
Edward Court
Edward CourtAdministration
Samuel Jourdan
Samuel JourdanProject Manager
Adam Dixon
Adam DixonProperty Consultant
Swadhin Behura
Swadhin BehuraAccountant
Chedelyn Oliverio
Chedelyn OliverioAccountant
Naveen A
Naveen ABookkeeper
Joel Limcangco
Joel LimcangcoOnline Marketing and Content