1. Initial Contact 

2. Discovery Meeting

3. 360° view

4. Fact Find

5. Strategy Presentation

6. Strategy implementation

7. Debrief Calls

8. Ongoing Support

1. Initial Contact

We are all about our community, so most of our clients are initiated through mutual connections.

You will find most of the information about US on this webpage and our LinkedIn profiles, after this initial interaction, it’s all about getting to know YOU and your level of needs.

2. Complimentary Consultation 

This discovery consultation will be carried out with Matt (Head of Wealth), this will be via zoom or a face-to-face meeting.  

This chat will allow us to determine the level of support you require, your fundamental needs, demanding concerns and your broader life goals Comprehensive in understanding you and discussing your current position as well as providing you an indication of the cost of our expert advice.  

Your discussions with Matt and all information given will be treated as strictly confidential. 

3. A 360° view

This is the next meeting of the discovery process; Matt will present you with a clear understanding of the process moving forward.  

This is a crucial step in the client process so we can gather a comprehensive view of your service needs and allow you to receive the best advice from here on.  

This meeting allows our team to get to know your financial history, your risk tolerance and begin discussions of your strategy.  

4. Fact Find Meeting

To ensure that we provide the best opportunity of achieving your goals, we will request all relevant documentation for review and discussion.

5. Strategy Presentation

You will be presented with a tailored strategy and an explanation of exactly how this is in support of achieving your life goals and financial targets. We will request your sign off to begin strategy implementation.  

Our team develops this strategy with extensive knowledge of your personal circumstances, your specific goals and provide solutions to your fundamental concerns.  

6. Strategy implementation

Once you are happy with the Strategy proposed, we begin actioning your personalised strategy.

7. Debrief Calls

Regular debrief calls allows us to simplify and concisely communicate relevant changes, we review the strategies implemented and provide a thorough explanation of future and present actions.

8. Ongoing Support

The world is constantly changing, we keep up to date with changes in legislation, macro events and market shifts.

This allows us to keep abreast for your investments and update advice given to you if needed. We maintain open channels of communication and encourage you to voice your concerns and changes in your life desires.

Depending on your personal circumstances, we usually suggest an annual or periodic check in meeting. Unless with extenuating circumstances of drastic changes that appear, and we will book in a meeting to review your current strategy.


Call us on 1300 688 988 to set up your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION MEETING